The Organization

Blue Redefined, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization committed to creating social and entertainment opportunities for individuals who are disabled, hospitalized, or in an assisted living environment. We are a public charity incorporated in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. Blue Redefined is currently working with hospitals and organizations around the world to spread and donate games.

Meet the Team

Sean Vitka Chief Executive Officer, Chairman of the Board

Sean Vitka

“BR is about making sure people with disabilities and in hospitals have the opportunities that most take for granted.”

Phil Friedenberg COO, CFO, Board Member

Phil Friedenberg

“I feel that every day we work to improve the lives of others we improve ourselves.”

Andrew Vigotsky Chief Technical Officer, Board Member

Andrew Vigotsky

“I look forward to working diligently with BR in the future, developing more web applications and portals...”

William Vitka Director of Game Donations, Board Member

William Vitka

“The people Sean and I know who are disabled influenced our lives tremendously, and now I want to return the favor.”

Aqeel Mohammad Director of New-Media, Board Member

Aqeel Mohammed

“... I had personally witnessed the positive effects that social media and networking had on people living with disabilities...”

About Us.


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