Push To Change

Your support keeps Blue Redefined afloat. We deeply appreciate any donation you give to help us achieve our goals.

How Do I Donate?

You can donate right here online! Send along any amount of support via a credit card through Google Checkout.


If you have video games you'd like to donate, please contact us at: donations@blueredefined.org

How is each donation used?

Currently, most donations are committed to BlueVerse.net. By developing our social network fully, we not only help people with disabilities, we establish a revenue-generator (through advertisements) which will sustain Blue Redefine's other projects. Every donation from you today helps us get to that point. This sustainable plan helps us maximize your support.

Other donations go to The Game Plan paying for shipping and other miscellaneous costs. We do not buy the video games we donate. Instead, we work with the entertainment industry to supply the materials, while we work to arrange and perform the donation. This way, none of your money is going just to a game purchase you could have made. In the past year, Blue Redefined spent virtually nothing to generate, thanks to our friends in the industry, over $6,000 worth of games. Again, we are committed to not wasting your money. This is another good example of how careful we are.

For more information, we are happy to send out our Donor's Packet, which discusses our past successes and future goals in more detail. Please email donations@blueredefined.org if you would like a copy.

If you are ordering a shirt

Please forward your Google Checkout receipt of $25 or more to donate@blueredefined.org with a request for a shirt and an address to mail it to.