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BR Connect, a new social networking site from Blue Redefined, is an online community specifically developed for the disabled and their friends.

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Most people take for granted the ability to go out, meet people, and socialize through sites like and However, individuals who face physical challenges have added difficulty in cultivating relationships beyond the walls of their hospital or home.

Blue Redefined has created an alternative online community for these individuals. BR Connect is free and safe, and its proceeds go to support other charitable projects for the disabled. While social networking sites have existed and flourished for some time, they are often not accessible for the disabled. These impediments defeat the chief benefits to the disabled who already have trouble socializing and meeting people like themselves. Further, the internet is not always the safest location, for either privacy or emotions. The handicapped may find themselves victimized by the general online populace who don’t understand the handicapped individual’s situation or point of view. We ensure that BR Connect is always a secure forum for the disabled community to express themselves freely and without social stigma.

Blue Redefined serves the handicapped community by providing a multitude of free services through which users can expand their social and creative horizons. With this goal in mind, BR Connect provides the most up-to-date features available in the world of social networking. Understanding that there is no “typical” member in any community, we provide the best possible environment for all interests. We look forward to being challenged by our community members to continue developing and adopting emerging technologies to meet their needs, no matter how specific.

The Game Plan

Blue Redefined facilitates the donation of video games to disabled patients in hospitals and rehabilitation centers.

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Games provide stimulation and happiness to millions, but they are a particular relief to those who face physical challenges. For people with disabilities, swinging a bat or kicking a soccer ball may only be possible in a video game. For a child in a care center, it may be too dangerous to their health.

Blue Redefined’s work providing games (”The Game Plan”) helps people overcome such challenges, and gives to them devices and video games that can be used for physical therapy, encourage physical and social activity, and inject relief and entertainment into an environment that is otherwise extraordinarily challenging.



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