Mission Statement

Blue Redefined, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization committed to creating social and entertainment opportunities for individuals who are disabled, hospitalized, or in an assisted living environment.

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Connor: BR Connect

a Patient at Magee rehabilitation in Philidelphia

From where I'm from in Upstate New York, there aren’t a lot of people in wheelchairs or anything, so having that social network to be able to connect with other people and ask questions or talk about something we have in common, like video games or anything like that, that'd be great.

Chris Saglimbene

age 23, cerebral palsy

I think a social network would vastly improve the quality of life not only of the disabled but anyone who is hospitalized. A lot of us are stuck in different situations where we can't get out and meet people. Being part of BlueVerse will help us bridge the gap between us and the outside world.


BR Connect

BR Connect, a new social networking site from Blue Redefined, is an online community specifically developed for the disabled and their friends.

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The Game plan

Blue Redefined facilitates the donation of video games to disabled patients in hospitals and rehabilitation centers.

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